Justin started his music career by taking banana’s and making guitars out of them with the strings made from his old socks. He then moved on to building synthesizers with old bits of lego mixed with left over food and few years down the line and he had built a fully functioning studio out of house of waste. This developed his musical skills as a producer and has led him to produce hundreds of songs of all genres under many different pseudonyms including deep house with Martin lodge under the name Candy Apple. After having many record deals with Major labels and subsidary labels he mostly now days is working on improving his song writing skills whilst submitting many songs to major library companies for use all around the world.



Candy Apple is a collaboration between Justin Canton & Martin Lodge, who have both been in and around the music industry since they were young.

They both have a love for good music and so decided to start writing together, they formed as Candy Apple and eventually started Candy Apple Records.

They have worked with some amazing tallent over the years and are still very much in the music industry today.



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